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April 16, 2019:
Here you can read a nice article on the upcoming "Art of pinhole photography 2019" exhibition in Heidelberg, by Analoge Photogruppe

May 18, 2017:
This year's "Skapande skola" (Creative school) project that I'm teaching at Magelungsskolan in Farsta in southern Stockholm will be presented as an exhibition at Galleri Axel on June 7, 2017.

April 27, 2017:
I'm very excited to be part of the Twin Peaks themed book now in production at Editorial 8mm; one of my images will be featured in this book, published in connection to the new Twin Peaks series.

March 31, 2017:
Fotografiska's f-edition store, online here, has moved its brick-and-mortar shop to Fotografiska at Stadsgården in Stockholm; don't miss it when you're in town!

August 30, 2016:
It's finally live; Fotografiska's online f-edition store! You'll find some of my prints there.

If you're in Stockholm, make sure to visit the beautiful f-concept store at Sergel's torg! There are so many wonderful prints to see and buy there, from some of the most talented photographers in Sweden.

May 17, 2016:
Last weekend, I participated for the first time as one of the makers at Stockholm Mini Maker Fair at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, with the aim of getting kids interested in analogue photography.

We built a small temporary darkroom in one of the most remote corridors of the museum were I showed how to make a photogram from the 4DFrame constructions that the children (and their parents) built in the room next door. I had also built a number of cardboard box cameras that people could borrow to take outside to the sunny backyard of the museum to take an image and come back to develop their own paper negative from the camera.

February 5, 2016...
After spending quite some time off from my usual darkroom work, and instead focusing on creating my first online course about pinhole cameras for Moderskeppet.se (yes, it's in Swedish); I have now returned to my camera building workshop, getting to know a thing or two about making dry plates and building a couple of pinhole cameras to use with them.

I'm very excited to announce the first of my prints to appear in limited editions on Art Upfront!

April 17, 2014.....
Preparing for three workshops for the coming weeks; Caffenol development, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and a lith printing workshop. Very excited about all three!

October 2, 2013: I'm currently working with my upcoming solo show, "Om konsten att minnas precis som det var" ("On the art of remembering exactly what it was like") which opens at Galleri Axel in Stockholm on 5 December 2013. All images are created using a simple matchbox type pinhole camera. They will all be framed in vintage frames from the 50's and 60's. At the moment it seems to be a more difficult job to find the frames than to create the images.

25 & 26 October 2013: The Polish Pinhole Festival, OFFO 2013, opens at galleries and venues in and around Katowice in southern Poland. I will not be able to go there myself for the opening, but I am very proud to have some of the images from the Colour Acceleration series featured, plus my pinhole movie Slussen, my friend. My Swedish pinhole colleagues Peter Wiklund and Sanna Fogelvik will also be participating.