There is something in the space between. Something about places left behind. Views that go unnoticed.

What was once the prospect of a promising future evolved into a hopelessly unprosperous past. Silent once so busy sites.

There is something about the buzz of The City. A movement and momentum that, when viewed by a different eye, turns the present into an antiquated aspect; anachronisms which could be of any age. Fading memories, remnants of daytime dreams, a hint of something half remembered, almost lost.

In constant flow, like jazz music—vibrating, ephemeral, syncopated.

This is what my images are about.



OFFO—Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography
International group show

Galeria Ciasna, Jastrzębie Zdrój, and other venues in Upper Silesia

OctoberNovember 2023

Det är aldrig för sent att sluta drömma //
It's never too late to stop dreaming

Solo show

Konstmagasinet, Katrineholm, Sweden

24 February13 March 2024