There is something in the space between. Something about places left behind, the most mundane, views which go unnoticed.

What was once the prospect of a promising future evolved into a hopelessly unprosperous past. Silent once so busy sites.

There is something about the buzz of The City. A movement and momentum that, when viewed by a different eye, turns the present into an antiquated aspect; anachronisms which could be of any age.

Crude renderings of reality, resembling fading memories, remnants of daytime dreams, a hint of something half remembered, almost lost.

In constant flow, like jazz music – vibrating, ephemeral, syncopated.

This is what my images are about.



Våtmarker | Swedish Wetlands

Sandvikens Konsthall

10 April—9 May 2021

The beauty of the diversity of wetlands in central Sweden. Together with photographer Malin Gezelius.

A photographic avant-garde

Husby konsthall

Opening 18 September, 2021

Group exhibition showing imagery created with alternative photographic processes. Featuring works by Daniel Björkert, Angelica Harms, Eva Karlsson, Lena Källberg and Peter Wiklund.

Solo show

Galleri Hörnan, Falun

15 December 202223 January 2023